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If you are looking for professional property management, you can rest easy knowing that with our Malta area management services, you get much more than a property manager. You get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest quality residential property management. If you are a current client, we offer convenient tools to access statements and more, all online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports are on-demand as well as sent out monthly. We can customize them to your needs and wants. Just let us know what you would like to see to better help preserve your asset and maximise your income.
Immediately! We will help analyse your investment, make recommendations, and move as quickly as you would like. We can also help you plan for the future.
PMI Malta's goal is to take all the worry, effort and hassle out of you owning an investment property or HOA. We manage associations, residential, commercial and vacation rental properties. We also can help you buy an investment property, or sell one that you already own. We know that communication, prompt service and transparency are the key to working with our customers. Our systems provide you with 24/7/365 access to all of your property’s/association’s information, data, financials and reports. We work hard every day to do exactly what you hire us to do.