What Do Community Association Managers Do?

What Do Community Association Managers Do?

With 80% owner occupancy, Malta is a great market for property owners and communities. If you've been running a homeowner's association (HOA) in Malta, you know how much work it is. This is where community association managers, come in to run the day-to-day and more.

We'll go over everything a good community association manager does. Between handling budgets and contractors, the benefits of hiring a manager are endless. Let's jump in and see if a community manager is right for your association.

HOA Manager Handles Day-to-Day Operations

A community association manager handles the day-to-day operations of your community. This includes all aspects of your HOA, including maintenance, repairs, and finances. They can help coordinate which services are being done and when.

They will manage the daily needs of the community. This is a full-time job that's almost impossible to do alone. A manager takes all the daily coordinating and communications off your plate.

A Community Association Manager Tackles the Budget and Finances

A community association manager makes sure that the association has the money it needs to operate. This means monitoring how well your community's income matches up with its expenses.

It sounds simple enough to manage but if you're not careful, budgets can get out of control quickly. The key is making sure that you're setting aside enough money so that all your expenses get covered. This is where a professional management company is available to keep track of the finances.

Professional management companies know what you need for taxes and large community projects. It's also helpful to have a neutral third-party expert available for budget and finance meetings and decisions.

Tenant Liaison and Communications

The manager is responsible for communicating with the tenants, other managers, and the board of directors if you have one. A large community takes a lot to run. There's constant communication going on between maintenance requests and repairs, for example.

A professional community management company will help tackle daily communications. From coordinating repairs and resolving tenant disputes, saving you a ton of time. It also allows you to have a buffer between you and your neighbors.

Community Association Managers Coordinate Contractors

Community association managers coordinate contractors to do repairs and maintenance on the property. This may include painting, landscaping, plumbing, and electrical work. This could range from small projects for residents to larger projects for the community.

Community association managers also handle billing for contractors as well. Residents can expect their services to get completed on time. They also help manage services done for the neighborhood.

Association managers will make sure pools are serviced or park grass is mowed. They help coordinate community areas and more.

Find Experienced Community Association Managers in Malta Today

We hope this article has helped you understand what community association managers do. From communicating with tenants to coordinating vendors, there is a lot that goes into the job of a community manager.

Take this work off your plate by hiring a management company to help. For more information and to speak with a community manager in Malta, fill out the contact form here.