What to Know About HOA Property Maintenance in Msida, Malta

What to Know About HOA Property Maintenance in Msida, Malta

When you buy a condominium in Malta, you'll find HOA management works a little differently when compared to the U.S.

By law, every community association comprising more than three dwellings must appoint an administrator to manage their apartment block.

This administrator must register any rules concerning their community with the Department of Environment, Energy, Agriculture, and Fisheries. Malta's laws also have strict criteria when it comes to HOA property maintenance.

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How Does HOA Property Maintenance Work in Malta?

The duties of a condo administrator are similar to those performed by an elected homeowners association board. They must:

  • Execute decisions as agreed by the homeowners
  • Keep records of meetings
  • Regulate the use of common areas
  • Perform necessary maintenance and repairs to common areas
  • Apportion the costs associated with repairs and maintenance among homeowners

In communal associations, the administrator must maintain all common areas as specified in the Condominium Act. These areas include:

  • The land
  • All external walls
  • All roofs
  • Lift shafts
  • Stairs and stairwells
  • Entrance doors and corridors
  • Courtyards and gardens
  • The airspace above the entire property

When you buy property in one of these associations, you commit to paying your share of the costs to maintain these areas. Condominium owners can never renounce their ownership of the common parts.

It's mandatory for owners to form an association and pay their portion of the prescribed annual fee. If your property stands vacant, you're still mandated to pay.

These property maintenance fees can run into hundreds of Euros, so they're a major consideration when buying a condominium in Malta.

HOA Property Repairs

Despite regular HOA maintenance tasks, building components eventually break down and need repairs. Other features may become outdated or require improvements.

Homeowners must also contribute equally toward the cost of necessary or extraordinary repairs to the common property.

These types of projects include:

  • Installing a new lift
  • Adding a new garden
  • Constructing a parking area
  • Widening entryways

Administrators can't carry out these extraordinary tasks as they see fit. They must get consent from at least two-thirds of the HOA residents first.

More extensive alterations require unanimous consent from all the homeowners. These are usually matters relating to:

  • Changing the aesthetics of the complex
  • How the homeowners use the common areas
  • The security or stability of the buildings

When a homeowner incurs costs for repairs without the proper authority, they may not request reimbursement for their actions, except in the case of urgent repairs. In all cases, the community must agree the repairs were necessary or refer the matter to arbitration.

Unusually, owners of apartments where a ceiling separates their properties horizontally are both responsible for repairs and maintenance to that ceiling.

Foolproof Property Maintenance in Malta

Malta's property maintenance laws can become confusing to the uninitiated and can involve a lot of time and work. If the administrator doesn't perform as expected, the homeowners can take legal action against them.

Is your Malta community in need of an experienced administrator to help take care of HOA property maintenance? Get in touch today to discuss your needs.