VRBO Management in Msida, Malta: A Guide for Vacation Property Owners

VRBO Management in Msida, Malta: A Guide for Vacation Property Owners

VRBO is one of the best-known vacation rental platforms worldwide, showcasing over 2 million properties across the globe. It's an excellent platform for marketing your Malta short-term rental property, as the website receives over 15.9 million unique visitors every month.

Unlike many other vacation rental platforms, VRBO listings do not include shared properties, like hotels, so there's a little less competition for customers in your area. Despite the convenience and ease of listing your property on VRBO, there are still many aspects that property owners must manage to succeed with vacation rentals.

That's where VRBO management comes in. Read on to find out more about this service.

What Does VRBO Management Entail?

VRBO management includes all the aspects of short-term property management and more. These are the key features of this service:

Guest Screening

The VRBO platform has limited functionality when it comes to guest screening. When you receive a booking request, you should look for a 'verified identity' badge next to their details.

This indicates that VRBO has confirmed some of the potential guest's personal information, their physical address, and their date of birth. You gain access to the guest's contact information after you accept the booking.

A short-term property manager can carry out these checks on your behalf.

Guest Services

Once you've confirmed your guests' bookings on the VRBO platform, a VRBO management company takes care of the rest. They will welcome the new arrivals at your property and make them feel welcome.

They will go through the inventory check with the guests to ensure everything's in order and make sure they know how to operate any appliances, etc. Finally, the property manager will provide the guests with a contact number where they can request further information or assistance.

Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is essential before a guest arrives to occupy your vacation property. A property manager will ensure that a team of cleaners arrives in good time to wash linen, clean appliances, and ensure all the rooms are spotless before the next check-in day.

If preferred, they can also arrange for daily or weekly cleaning during the guests' stay.

Security Deposits

When your guests depart, the property manager will go through the inventory again to determine if there are any breakages or losses. If necessary, they will subtract the relevant amount from the guests' security deposit and manage the refund of any amounts owing.

Behind-the-Scenes Services

Throughout your VRBO management contract, your property manager will ensure your vacation property stays in pristine condition. These vacation rental upkeep services include:

  • Regular property inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Necessary repairs or upgrades

Thanks to these ongoing maintenance services, you're assured that your Malta short-term rental can stand out amongst the competition on the VRBO platform.

Embrace Vacation Rental Success

While there's no doubt that online accommodation platforms greatly increase your advertising reach, they do lack a personal touch.

VRBO management services are the best way to bring back this hospitality element and also limit the risks associated with marketing your property online.

PMI Malta is backed by over 20 years of experience in property management. Work with us to unlock the full potential of your Malta rental property.